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Gorilla Movie Plot

The movie Gorilla is an Indian movie in the Tamil language. Gorilla is a movie about a robbery attempt which belongs to heist comedy thriller film genre. Gorilla is a story about a group of people who overstep the norms of the society and set out to rob a bank wearing chimpanzee masks under the resistance of a chimpanzee. The cast of the film Gorilla includes film stars namely Jiva, Shalini Pandey, Chimpanzee as Kong in lead roles and Yogu Babu, Rajendran, Ramdoss, Sathish and Vivek Prasanna in pivotal supporting roles. The movie Gorilla also offers a cute heart-fluttering love story between Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey and Jiva along with thriller main story. The group plots a theft to arrange for money that they desperately need for various reasons. The group successfully robs the bank and police tries to link keys to unravel the criminal masterminds and executioners.

Gorilla Movie Reviews And Ratings

The movie Gorilla is a must-watch movie with suspense, drama, thrill, romance and action all in one bucket reasons to watch it. The movie Gorilla is directed and written by Don Sandy and is produced by Vijay Raghavendra. The movie Gorilla has promising performances by all the actors and Kong gives a remarkable performance too. The movie Gorilla will give you a strong fresh story, hikes of laughter and a heart-throbbing flirtatious love story with cute chatter patter between leads that will surely amuse you. Gorilla is one of the recommend movies from 5 July 2019 releases and is meant to hit the theatres large and scrumptious. The movie is set you give your July watch list a thrilling start. Kong intrigues you, amuses you, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you care, makes you love and makes you want to watch more of him. So don’t wait and book your tickets.

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