How to Lose Weight in just 10 days without Exercising

In our daily busy routine, the common problem which is faced by everyone is weight gain. Weight gain is an invitation to diseases. Everyone wants to look fit and live a healthy life. So, in order to help the masses, here we are sharing some tips with you that can help you lose weight even in the tight schedule without any exercise.

1. Drink Plenty of Water:
Water is the most important component of our body and it is required in the highest amount. Water helps to remove the toxic substances from our body keeping it fit and in shape. It also helps in keeping the body tissue hydrated. Water flushes out all the toxic substances and enhances the catabolism thus making the metabolism better. In order to lose weight in the least time, one must drink 3-4 litres of water per day.

2. Fibre Rich Diet:
Taking fibre rich diet keeps the bowel system activated and enhances the body metabolism. Not only this, it helps in rejuvenating the tissues of the body. Fibres account to low calories and more energy. Thereby making it easier to lose weight in a little amount of time.

3. Say No to Stress:
Sometimes taking proper diet and following all the healthy routines does not help you to lose weight. It is because of the hormones that one’s body is responding to. Stress often leads to low secretion of certain hormones responsible for proper metabolism in our body. Avoiding stress and things causing it is one way to tackle weight gain.

4. Taking Nuts:
Dry fruits are often mistaken to be a cause of weight gain, but it is not so because eating dry fruits helps in the release of certain enzymes in our body that enhances our metabolism. Taking five almonds, 3 walnuts, 1 cashew and few raisins help you enhance metabolism and lose weight.

5. Green Tea or Black Coffee:
Green Tea should be regularly consumed by those who want to stay fit healthy and in shape. Not only does it detoxify the body but also helps to keep your immunity strong. Everyday drink green tea or black coffee half an hour after the meals thrice a day. It will help to enhance the metabolism and increase the time of hunger.

Following these tips can help one reduce weight in a very short time and in a very effective way.

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