Husband Helped his Wife to Marry her Lover

In the world of selfish people, a husband helped his own wife to marry her lover. Yes, the lover with whom Shakuntala married was from the same city. The marriage was performed with a proper ritual procedure.

After a few days of marriage, Shakuntala wents to his father’s house by making some excuses. After spending a lot of days in her father’s house, Shagun (husband of Shakuntala) went to his father in law’s house to ask Shakuntala why she is not coming back to his house despite spending a lot of days in her father’s house. Shagun kept on asking Shakuntala why she is not returning back to home, Shakuntala everytime made an excuse. But, one day she told Shagun that he loves a boy of Lucknow and she was married to Shagun without her willing.

Shagun was very sad when he came to know about this. He promised his wife that he will help her to marry her lover. Then Shakun went to Shakuntala’s parents to convince them for there marriage.

After Convincing her parents, Shagun went to meet Shakuntala’s lover Rajan. Rajan on meeting Shagun agreed that they both were in a relationship and were planning to get married. But Shakuntala was married to him without her will.

After hearing this, Shagun planned their marriage in a Temple near there house. A lot of people gathered to see their wedding as a guest. Shagun at the beginning was very much disappointed and was also thinking to separate them. But at the very second movement, he thought that is he doing right by separating two lovers. After discussing with other family members, they came with a solution of there marriage with which everyone can live happily.

It was Shagun’s sweet and loving behaviour that he understood the feeling of the two lovers and helped them in their marriage.

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