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“It does not take much time to get things done, but it takes a lot of strength to determine what to do.” (Elbert Hubbard)

We all have those days in which we have many tasks to do, and we have no idea when and how we get over with the tasks assigned. When we have umpteen work to do we tend to overlook important work due to the simple fact that we cannot remember all the work eventually leads to anxiety to catch up with the work. It all starts with small things and gradually end up doing detrimental effects not only mentally but also physically. You would not realize when it gets started but there are some symptoms that I want to enlist here:

  • Are you the one who is having trouble sleeping?
  • Are you the one whose workload keeps you up?
  • Are you the one who does not know what to do and when?
  • Are you the one who is suffering from Insomnia?

If the above-mentioned points are your concern. The answer to all of these problems can be for you to start keeping a to-do list.


Our brain tends to be obsessed with unfinished tasks. In fact, it will keep reminding you all of your work after a duration of time that will lead to mental fatigue and fear. I believe, you must have also experienced the same thing, until and unless you get finish your work, your brain encounter restlessness.

You all must have observed we all have one or two persons in our life who we look up to as our ideal and you know why? The only reason we always tend to get attracted or inspired by people who are good at what we cannot do easily. Anyways, the important learning is we all have person/s in our life who are doing the same work that you do but with the ease and at that point of time, you all must be wondering how can he do this with so much ease. What is he doing that I am not? How can he manage time although have the same 24 hours?  Again the answer is same TO-DO list. In fact, it has been seen people who tend to write down what they need to do perform better and remain stress-free. Almost everyone has difficulty in catching up with deadlines but there are some of us who face problems in figuring out the priority: in finding out what to do first.

Now, here are some benefits of keeping a to-do list:


Are you experiencing that you forget things? In fact, nobody is capable of remembering everything at all times. The to-Do list gives you the advantage that gives you permission to forget. For as long as you can recall yourself to see your to-do list, you will never lose anything that you have written down resulting gives you the freedom or permission to forget that leads to reduce stress or anxiety. But that is not all, every time you look at your list it reinforces your brain to register the information.


Creating a to-do list is the first thing but prioritizing the important task first is another. Prioritizing the work ensure you to focus on important task first rather than dealing with unimportant or which is less likely urgent. In fact, you can always priorities your work using the four-quadrant diagram.

priority matrix


If we have a set routine that we follow daily, the need to make a decision will decrease on per day basis. Most importantly we know actually what we have to do every day without having to think about it or wasting time in making decision resulting in better efficiency and productivity.


Some people say they think too much but they cannot carry out the work in action. One of the reasons could be they only think, think, think and only think, they do not record them that leads to wastage of time. Therefore, the next time if you are planning something of great importance don’t forget to record it. When you make a record of your goals it facilitates you to divide your larger goals into manageable goals.

So what are you waiting for now, grab a pen write down your tasks for tomorrow, and be that person of your group that you always wanted to be? 

For more updates stay tuned to GB Radar.

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