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Malaal Movie Plot, Reviews And Ratings

Malaal Movie Plot

The movie Malaal presents us with a romantic film with lots and lots of drama and action. The movie is a love story between Shiva and Astha where Shiva is portrayed by Meezan Jaffrey and Astha is portrayed by Sharmin Segal. The story is hate turning into love kind of a story. The story is situated in Mumbai where Shiva is a local boy from the chowl and Astha is a new resident in the chowl. Shiva is threatened by people in chowl liking Astha a lot and he sees her as a competition. Shiva and Astha continually fall into arguments with each other spending most of the time interfering in each other’s work and thus spending most of the time together. The duos eventually fall in love and soon consummate their relationship. The duo is then faced by caste politics and social stratification that obstructs them from fulfilling their love. Astha’s family tries best to separate them and soon Astha too gives in. Shiva does his best to convince Astha. The two make love for the last time before they get into a fight and Astha dies in a tragic accident thus living Shiva heartbroken and in lifelong guilt.

Malaal Movie Reviews And Ratings

The movie Malaal is directed by Mangesh Hadawale and is produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Bhushan Kumar, Mahaveer Jain and Krishan Kumar. The movie has a gripping plot with heart-wrenching ups and downs. The story has a love story that makes your heart flutter with butterflies in your belly. The separation will make you cry and the end will intrigue you a lot. Malaal is a story about two very different people from contrasting backgrounds who experience the innocence of love and try to cross their caste boundaries. The movie Malaal is a must watch and has a very fresh plot with a very powerful performance by the two leads Sharmin Segal & Meezaan.

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