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If you will ask me to recommend something that can make a whole lot of difference in your life than I would suggest you practice consistency. Yes, I am talking about consistency, you all must have heard about it since childhood days but we don’t give too much importance to it, in-fact it is underrated especially among youngsters, but believe me, if you can practice it, it can change the whole game for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are born with a talent or not, if you are not consistently practising it, you cannot encash it.

Develop a habit of something doing consistently. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is but there must be something that you are committed to. It could be anything, for instance;

It could be as simple as doing exercise daily for 10 minutes.

It could be reading or doing meditation for 15 minutes daily.

You should realize the beauty of doing any particular habit consistently. The point that you should appreciate here is; I am not emphasizing to carry out something an hour or more daily but yes, repeatedly for a smaller duration of time or depending upon your potential because little things are done repeatedly lead to big changes in our lives. In-fact this is where most of us commit mistakes, we try to carry out a particular habit for longer duration but couldn’t as if there is no tomorrow. You have to be patient and trust in the power of being consistent.


1. Consistency Creates Momentum

If you will ask me how to lose weight, I would say, “It’s simple yet not easy”. Perform yoga or any physical workout associated to lose weight every day. It doesn’t matter whether it is pleasant or not. It also doesn’t matter you are in a mood or not. What matters you perform the routine every day without any fail

Interestingly, Momentum in our context is based on the same idea that an object in motion stays in motion.

This is why it is more effective to do workout for 15 -20 minutes instead of doing it for an hour or more.

And this is why it is more sensible to practice learning anything for 15-20 minutes each day than an hour for once a week

When we continue doing something each day, we stay in motion. And when we remain in motion it results in momentum, which is the most important aspect of any endeavour or start-up.

2. Consistency Intensifies Will Power

My morning routine has been the same for the last 2 years because for me my first three hours are really important to me. I don’t want to waste my will power to make out what to eat or what to do at a particular moment. Whether it is eating breakfast or a workout or meditation or reading a book for 15 minutes or any ritual that you perform daily, it reduces decision fatigue, in turn, increases your will power.

3. Consistency Sharpens Skill

When I carry on doing my practice on Quantitative Aptitude, my skills increase drastically. Not only that there are some questions that I cannot even think about doing but now I can solve them easily and this is all because I keep on practising the skill. A few days back I have that childhood impression that I am not good in permutation and combination but now with continuous practising of that chapter, I could do questions at ease. The point to be appreciated here is; it is not only about Quantitative Aptitude, but it could also be anything for you; be it playing the guitar or running or learning a new language or be it beat-boxing, to sharpen your skills you need only one element that is consistency. The more you practice it consistently, your discomfort zone will turn in to comfort zone gradually. When you do something consistently we move from a place of informed incompetence to uninformed competence.

4. Consistency Convert Habits To Identity

I have never thought of being an avid reader but one thing that I make sure in the whole process that I read daily whatever may be the condition or circumstances. I do read every morning for 20 minutes that today turns out to be my part of identity, more importantly, I am loving it now. Because I’ve done it so much, it’s a part of my identity. Isn’t it amazing? Just do an activity that you want to pursue continuously for some time but each day and eventually it turns out to be an integral part of you.

Important Learnings:

We all can achieve tremendous success (whatever your definition of success is;) you have to be just consistent in your efforts. It sounds easy but not easy.

We all want results. We want more readers. We want more connections. We want more love. We want more things. And some of us even want more money. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all have our paths to follow. Consistently doing the right things leads to amazing results.

For more updates stay tuned to GB Radar.

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