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Sacred Games Plot, Reviews, And Ratings

Sacred Games a Netflix original Indian Web Series was released on 6 July 2018 worldwide. This Indian Web series is based on Vikram Chandra’s novel sacred games. Big Indian artists like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and, Radhika Apte has worked in this series. Sacred Games has gained immense popularity in a short period as it is the first Indian Web series.

Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of Sartaj Singh, Radhika Apte is playing the role of Anjali Mathur and Nawazuddin Siddiqui is playing the role of Ganesh Gaitonde. Ganesh Gaitonde is a Mumbai gangster who informs Mumbai Police that something terrible is going to happen soon. On the other side Sartaj Singh a.k.a., Saif Ali Khan is looking for a big case and tries to prove himself. One day Gaitonde calls himself to Sartaj Singh to inform about something destructive will happen in Mumbai in the next 25 days. Gaitonde asserts that he knows the father of Sartaj Singh.

Sartaj Singh can find out the location of Gaitonde and as soon as he reaches the location he founds that gangster shoots himself in front of him. Now there is a flashback story narrated by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, which tells about the dark side of his childhood which led him to become a pitiful gangster. Now there comes 25 days countdown which carries throughout the show. Now here comes Bollywood to the show in which an upcoming actress shows some connection with Gaitonde, and threatened someone to get her file from murdered talent manager otherwise she would trap everyone else with her. Here enters Radhika Apte as Anjali Mathur who is investigating the case of Gaitonde’s death. Sartaj Singh is suspended by Parulkar who is Deputy Commissioner of police for not cooperating in an old case over misusing his powers. Sartaj Singh joins Anjali Mathur and found that the murdered talent manager was keeping fake currency with herself supplied by ISI ad also bringing other tv actresses to Gaitonde.

Now comes a final episode of sacred games which brings a lot of twists and turns. Here comes to see the link between the Gaitonde and Sartaj Singh’s father. Here Sartaj comes to know that his father was a prison officer who helps the Gaitonde with food and water when he was in prison. Now Sartaj Singh starts following some peoples for collecting some shreds of evidence and got caught in front of the key player of a coming attack who supplies weapons by Union Home Minister. Somehow Mumbai police track the location and take over it.

Now concluding to the end of the series Sartaj Singh navigates the missing pieces and links up with the man(godman) in tv who is responsible for Gaitonde’s torture and which helps him to find out the materials required to carry out a destructive nuclear blast.

Quick Review: Sacred Games is a thriller Web Series and is a complete package of action and a great script.

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