Strong Work Ethics: The Need Of The Hour

We all must have heard of the word called “work ethics” but are we strong in our work ethics? So to make you understand are you that person or not let me ask you some questions;

  1. Are you the one, who always turn up late for a meeting or a party or a date or an interview?
  2. Are you the person, who finishes the task before the deadline?
  3. Are you the one, who gets his work done whatever may be the condition?
  4. Are you the one, whom people can rely easily means if you give them your words you will be committed or accountable for that?

If the answer for anyone of the question is no, then you are a defaulter i.e. a person not having good work ethics

Now let us see what exactly do we mean when we say work ethics:

What is Work Ethics?

Work ethic is an attitude of persistence and dedication toward one’s job. That exhibit strong work ethic gets a high value in any organization where they work. They exhibit ethical principles that make them phenomenal employees in any position. If you are a person who poses a strong work ethic, you believe in the importance of your job and invariably feel that hard work is essential to maintaining a strong character.

An employee who displays a strong work ethic does the following things

  • Respect others: It might be possible that you are good at your work but you won’t get the respect of others until you show it to them, whoever may be the person, your boss or your junior or a lift boy. An employee who have strong work ethics, he will be humble with everyone.
  • Act as an ambassador of the company: Now this is where 90% of the employees go wrong. They have a very rigid mindset, they will do their work or sit on their workstation for the designated time period and then get back to home, and if you have observed, this particular type of employees will never get a high role in their company because they treat it as a boredom job, where all they want is their salary on time. On the other hand, you might have seen people on a top organizational role, they always remained busy with the work of an organization whether it comes under their scope or not, they always take active participation in managerial roles and take responsibility of task, completes it and emerges out to be a winner and eventually get promoted but some people never understand this.
  • Seek professional development: when you join any particular organization they incentivize you according to your skills and of course experience but as you get entered in a company you possess a particular amount of skill set that needs to be updated not only for your development but also for the organization development. So if you are an employee who follows strong work ethics then you must seek ways to improve your work performance, such as taking night classes, attending weekend seminars or reading industry publications.
  • Shows up at your work before time: A person with strong work ethics always calculate his commute time from his office to home. Not only that, he always tries and reaches to his office 5-10 minutes early so that he will get some extra time to have a coffee break or a tea break.
  • Be accountable: A person with strong work ethics always take responsibility for his work, you will never find him giving excuses over silly things. He will always be accountable if he takes a job, he will ensure he gets it done before time and if by any reason he fails to complete it, he will take the full responsibility of the task. You must have seen people who hold responsible other persons for their wrongdoings but a person with a strong character never do such things, he will always take responsibility of the mistake regardless it was his mistake or not; and this employee will be given a leadership role in future.
  • Does what need to be done: A person with a strong work ethic will tackle the less pleasant tasks as well as the interesting ones. This employee can also take the task if get a request from his colleague or from his seniors regardless of the fact whether it is mentioned in his job description or not.

Takeaway Points:

Practice the art of making a to-do list, while making to-do list always give 25-30% time extra of what you have decided for it.

Always try to complete the task before time whatever may be the condition; it might happen sometime you couldn’t but always try and give your best

Hold yourself accountable; whatever that is happening you are the only reason.

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