Terrorism – A Curse for Humanity

Terrorism has become a threat over the very the existence of man. In the greed of achieving more and more in life, we have forgotten the basic moral values where we should respect the other fellow human beings and their value.

Life of a person is something that is of utmost importance. With the desire to rule the world and become the most powerful some people choose an easier path of destruction and terror. They spread terror and destruction in the name of money and religion. There are some people who think of their benefit even in such gross things little do they know that in the long run can it affect even their near and dear ones. Some say that lack of education and employment has caused the people to choose terrorism to achieve whatever be it but the path of destruction can never lead one to success. .

Terrorism in recent times has caused problems in each and every country of the world. It’s now time to fight against it collectively. It has become important for us to understand how we need to break the boundaries of hatred and just like a rubber-band become flexible enough and come together as a whole to bring harmony, peace and tranquillity in the world. Terrorism is putting so much of pressure on the world that just like a rubber band even the existence of man will reach its fracture point causing devastation of mankind. Preaching terrorism in whatever form should not be done by anyone rather all the stringent measures must be taken by each and every country to avoid this gruesome act.

We must realise that the life of one can make a difference to that of thousands. We must forget all our differences and together rebound back to brotherhood to eradicate terrorism.

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