Why Need A Companion When Books Are By Your Side

Afraid to talk with people, I would surround myself with books. Many scholars have said this in the past that books are a man’s best friend. And I was one of the luckiest people to have experienced this pious friendship. I would always stay away from people finding it difficult to express myself most of the time but when I came in contact with these books I entered a different world of solitude altogether. Books always gave me the motivation to try something new and trust myself. Whenever I was in a dilemma I went to them and always found a solution to my problem. Unlike, humans books don’t spill the secrets rather they help you sort your problems out.

When books were around me I felt safe and would confide in them. Books are a source of immense knowledge that can be utilised only by smart beings. A small book can make a huge difference in your life. It can provide one with a plethora of knowledge that can change one’s life for the best. But choosing a good book is really a difficult task.

Sometimes, A wrong choice can land one in trouble making it difficult to come out of that situation. Books can tell the untold stories in the terrific way. Books have always glorified the winners but have also highlighted the struggles of the losers. Books do not differentiate between people unlike we humans and are the best to be relied upon.

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